4 oz Getaway Collection Everywhere Spray Tester - one per order

You must purchase at least one case to purchase a tester. Tester orders that do not include at least one case will not be processed.

A single full-size 4 oz Everywhere Spray in the scent of your choice.

Not for resale.

It's a room + body spray that's really an Everywhere Spray. This refreshing scent spray is safe for use just about everywhere you can think of...on your body, in any room or on your linens (though we do suggest testing on an inconspicuous corner of fabric before using).


Sizing Information

 4 fl oz matte black shatter resistant and UV protective glass bottle.

Product Details

Handmade by Nomad Wax Co. in our Omaha, Nebraska studio with a blend of body-safe fine perfume oils, pure essential oils ethically sourced from around the world and distilled water. Each bottle contains Amethyst chips to aid in mixing and add an extra boost of cleansing spiritual purification. No phthalates, parabens, lead, dyes, or preservatives. Our ingredients and products are never tested on animals. This product is vegan. 


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