Blackout Reusable Leather Air Freshener 10-Pack

BLACKOUT is infused with pure cardamom and clove essential oils combined with an undercurrent of plum, amber and vanilla for a sweet yet salty flavor. This one is a perfectly unisex scent and a customer favorite, far & wide. Now, we’re not saying it can actually and scientifically induce memory loss, but if you’re feeling like you want to just erase the day and start over again tomorrow, this may be the scent for you.

Our Reusable Leather Air Fresheners are scented with our phthalate-free scent oils. Designed for use as a car fragrance, they are perfect for all those little in-between spaces where a candle, diffuser or spray isn't feasible. When the scent fades, simply spritz with our Everywhere Spray to give the freshener a recharge and longer life, or to change scents. Packaged individually and great paired with our Everywhere Spray.

MSRP: $15

Sizing Information

Each Air Freshie is 2" by 3"

Use + Care

Each Air Freshener lasts 1-3 months depending on use. Refresh with Everywhere Spray when scent fades.

In the Car: Remove from bag and hang on your car’s rearview mirror, door handle or steering wheel shifter. Keep freshener inside the open bag to avoid direct contact with clothing and surfaces. Sunlight and heat will reduce fragrance scent, so use Everywhere Spray to refresh scent.  

In Other Spaces: To store in small spaces, such as closet + gym bags, we suggest opening the top of the bag while keeping the freshener inside to avoid direct contact with textiles and surfaces.

To Refresh Scent: Place Air Freshener on wax paper and spritz to soaking on both sides with Everywhere Spray. Allow to dry for a few minutes and then place back in car or other space. Repeat as often as desired.


Leather, black elastic cord and vegan leather tassel.